Hello! Thank you for visiting Golden Slumber Pediatric Sleep Consulting! Let me take some time to introduce myself. My name is Kristine Golden and I am the proud mother of three amazing little boys; Jackson and Alexander are 4.5 years old and Christian is 16 months. Being their mom has simultaneously been the most challenging and most magnificent time of my life. It is because of these wonderful little souls that I am here with the mission of helping families get the sleep they need! I would like to take a moment to tell you more about my WHY…the reason I chose this particular path in life, and how my background serves me well in this exciting career.

Before being a mamma, I lived in the world of education where I hold certifications in early childhood education/development, elementary education, reading, special education, English as a Second Language and educational administration. I started my career 20 years ago as a teacher’s assistant in a preschool classroom for students with autism. I learned very quickly how much I loved working with these children and from there, my passion grew. I went on to teach in classrooms for children with behavioral issues, then to be a principal in a therapeutic high school for children with emotional disabilities and left my career as a district supervisor of Special Education for preschool through grade 5. I have always been intricately involved with childrens’ emotional , physical, social and educational development. My years in education have provided me with the knowledge and experience to successfully move into the world of pediatric sleep.

In September of 2016, my husband and I welcomed our identical twin boys into the world very prematurely. Born at only 31 weeks, Alexander and Jackson spent 2 months in the NICU. We really thought that once we got them home, things would be great! We would settle into our new lives and be able to snuggle our babies all day and sleep at night. Because babies sleep a lot, right?!?!? They slept so well in the NICU so surely, once we got them home, they’d continue to do the same right? And they’d be healthy, right?!?!?! HA HA! We were in for a rude awakening.

Within a few days of being home, we found ourselves back in the hospital. One of our twins had significant medical issues which ultimately required full time nursing care for the first 18 months of his life. Between being a new parent and having a sick child, our heads were spinning and quite honestly, the importance of sleep for us and them, didn’t even enter our minds. At around 6 months old we realized that we could not go on the way that we had been any longer. Our “normal” at that time meant being up 8-12 times A NIGHT to either feed, change, comfort or give our one son one of his many medications. So, after receiving the approval of our pediatrician, we hired a sleep consultant. I will be honest. I had my doubts. I really was not sure what I could get from her that I could not get from a book. Boy was I wrong!  In less than a week, our entire world changed. Not only were we feeling better physically and mentally but our sons basically became different children! They were happier, more independent and all around healthier! 

The support and guidance we received from our sleep consultant is something that I will never forget. She gave us the education, confidence and tools to make our lives better. I became passionate about sleep after seeing, firsthand, how important it was to development. The idea of helping other families the way we were helped with our twins was incredibly motivating. I wanted to provide parents with data driven sleep plans that are uniquely created and modified based on your child’s sleep! I do not simply write a plan and send you on your way with a few check ins along the way. I proactively provide daily support and guidance based on each day’s sleep. So here I am!

I truly am so grateful for this opportunity. I love working with families and being that support they want and need. I LOVE working with the children and helping them achieve the healthy sleep necessary for development. If you are looking to get your little one the sleep that your entire family needs, please head over to my services and take a look at the support packages I offer. And schedule a FREE consultation with me. Simply send me an email at kristine@goldenslumberconsulting.com and we will get that scheduled! Wishing you lots of sleep and some ‘golden slumber.’