Golden Slumber – Advanced Package $200

Looking for an expert to guide and support you as you take the leap into sleep training? If so, then this is the package for you! This package works best for parents who are fully committed to learning about, understanding and creating healthy sleep habits but want support as they execute the plan. If you are here exploring packages, I am sure you are tired so the support and coaching may be exactly what you need.  This package includes an initial phone consultation followed by a detailed intake form. I will gather information on feeding, sleep, temperament as well as your parenting approach. I will then ask you to log, for 3 days, feedings, sleep, behavior and concerns so that I can analyze his/her natural sleep cycles and sleep habits to develop a personalized sleep plan tailored to your child’s unique sleep needs. We will then have a one hour FaceTime, Audio or Zoom call to review the plan, equip you with the skills to implement the plan and allow time for ANY questions or concerns that may arise. This is followed by 10 days of unlimited email and text support as well as one 20 minute phone call. Furthermore, we will be communicating daily through sleep logs so that I can truly provide you with the best guidance. I truly am data driven!  Finally, this package includes an ‘exit email’ which will detail future sleep needs, suggested schedules and a summary of how to best handle any sleep issues that arise. 

  • Initial phone consultation and intake
  • Personalized sleep plan based on 2- 3 days of recorded data for your baby
  • One hour training call
  • 10 days unlimited text and email support
  • Daily sleep logs and communication
  • Exit email with sleep guidance for future