Golden Slumber – “Just the Basics” $150

This package is ideal for those parents who are looking for guidance on how to begin the sleep training journey but feel that they can implement a sleep plan independently. This package includes an initial phone consultation followed by a detailed intake form which will provide me with the information I need to make a personalized sleep plan tailored to your little one’s unique needs! I will gather information on feeding, sleep, temperament as well as your parenting approach. The created plan will include a specific daily schedule inclusive of feeding times, nap times, play time and bedtime. More importantly, it will lay out every step you will take to get your little one the healthy sleep he or she needs! This is followed by a one hour phone or FaceTime call where I will train you on all the ins and outs of implementing the plan. The follow up emails or texts are also included for any other questions or concerns you may have! 

  • Initial consultation call
  • Detailed and personalized sleep plan uniquely designed for your baby
  • One hour training phone call
  • Three follow up emails