Kristine was really helpful in listening to our needs and understanding that while we have a good sleeper, we the parents aren’t the best with the discipline it takes to keep her that way. We are now well equipped to handle any sleep regressions and/or interruptions that come our way. The entire process and plan were easy to follow and very helpful to us.

Mother of 23 month old

My twins were going to bed too late for their age and that played a part of them both being overtired and waking up in the middle of the night. I can finally sleep all night and so can they!

Mother of twin 27 month olds

Yes, I was in a rut and scared about going back to work and Reese still not sleeping, Kristine helped me to figure out a plan that was easy to follow and execute and within the week Reese was sleeping through the night. She gave me easy tactics to follow and constantly checked on me to see how the plan was working. I’m so glad I worked with Kristine!

Mother of 5 month old

We feel very grateful for the help. My son started sleeping through the night just a few days into the process. After never sleeping through the night in all of his 18 months of life. Her knowledge about all things sleep, from scheduling to environment and all things in between, was invaluable.

Mother of 18 month old

My little one woke up 2-3 times a night. We could be up anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Naps were short and only done while being held, car, or stroller. Putting him to sleep at night took hours. Mom and baby were exhausted! Kristine was recommended by a friend and I’m so thankful! She created a plan that worked for my work schedule. The plan was easy to understand and implement. Kristine was so encouraging during the process and really helped make it a success! Blake now takes naps in his own crib! He falls asleep independently when going to bed. He is a much happier baby now that he is getting the sleep he needs. I feel not only more rested but more knowledgeable and less stressed about how to handle short naps, wakings, schedule changes, and whatever comes our way. I couldn’t have done it without the help Kristine gave!

Mom of 5 month old

Our experience working with Kristine was amazing! My seven month old was not sleeping, and I was desperate for sleep for him and for me. We were both exhausted. I kept thinking over those seven months that it would get better, but it did not. It actually got worse. We were waking every forty five minutes to an hour. I was hesitant to talk to a sleep consultant, but after my experience, I am not hesitant to talk to other mothers about my experience with Kristine. My hesitation did not last once I had that initial conversation with Kristine. She made me feel comfortable with who she was and what she wanted to do. I felt like she listened to my concerns (and my desperation!), and she addressed those concerns. She created a sleep plan for us that was unique to us. It addressed our specific needs and it fit our specific schedule. When we implemented the plan, Kristine was available to answer all questions/concerns and to make adjustments when necessary. I never felt alone. I felt like she was just as invested as I was, and when we celebrated, she celebrated! I am happy to say that our baby consistently sleeps 12 hours a night after working with Kristine. He also naps 2-3 times during the day. He is a MUCH happier baby. He will play independently during his wake hours. He has actually started eating solids. I cannot even begin to express what an impact this experience has had on our family. I will forever be grateful

Mother of 7 month old